Artwork: beck mallwitz

Making a Just Inclusive Community (MAJIC)

MAJIC supports intergenerational learning and community partnerships to design and implement hands-on making across settings in Evanston and Chicago. MAJIC designs professional development, workshops, and training programs for educators, facilitators, and youth.

Fun Summer Program

This research practice partnership between tiilt and World Relief Chicago draws on culturally sustaining pedagogies to support co-design for youth programming. Since 2017, the team has iterated on designs to support hands-on making that are meaningful and culturally relevant for youth participants while moving toward models of co-design. In summer 2022, the first team of youth co-designed "Fun Summer Program" (FSP) 2022 and built on this work in summer 2023.

Eternal Youth Council

Eternal Youth is a coalition of youth in Chicago's West Ridge neighborhood. Through youth participatory action research, this work challenges adult/child binaries and examines youth organizing through an intergenerational lens.

Objects: laser cut wood pins and drawings by students